January 29th

Today is:

NATIONAL PUZZLE DAY – the best conversations I ever had with my dad were either in a fish hut or over a jigsaw puzzle.  With the top of our heads facing each other and hands busy, we seemed to feel more comfortable to share our thoughts.  There was always a puzzle on our dining room table and it was not uncommon for one of us to be walking around with a piece of the puzzle in our pocket so that we could be the one to finish the work of art!  I now have a puzzle table and have noticed that once anyone sits down at that table, they are completely sucked in and must be dragged away hours later.  Enjoy a puzzle today, whether it be a jigsaw, crossword, Sudoku, or word jumble.

NATIONAL CORN CHIP DAY – one of the saltiest treats ever!  I can feel my lips shriveling even as I think about them.  Must. Buy. Corn. Chips.

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