January 27th

Today is:

NATIONAL BIG WIG DAY – this day has been newly designated to celebrate the Big Wig within all of us.  When I think of a Big Wig, I usually think of the head of a corporation or business but the organizers of this celebration literally mean donning a Big Wig today and making a positive impact on others.  It is in support of the Cancer Society’s Feel Good/Look Better program.  Pull our your best fake tresses and have a fun day wearing them!


NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY – I am assuming that I do not have to describe a chocolate cake to anyone so I will give a little history lesson instead.  The first reported chocolate cake recipe was published by Eliza Leslie in Philadelphia in 1847.   The first boxed cake mix was created by O. Duff and Sons in the late 1920s with Betty Crocker jumping into the market with their still popular recipe in 1947.  Who doesn’t love a great chocolate cake?!!  Eat an entire cake day.  It’s allowed and even encouraged.



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