January 26th

Today is:

NATIONAL SPOUSES DAY – if you have a spouse, today is  designated  for you to recognize them with kindness and appreciation.  It is a non-gift-giving day so a “thank you”, “I love you” or “you are awesome” is the perfect way to celebrate along with the gift of your time.  Shouldn’t we do that everyday?


NATIONAL PEANUT BRITTLE DAY – Peanut brittle is said to be a mistake;  a southern woman was reportedly pulling taffy and added baking soda rather than  cream of tartar.  I am sure that this is how many great recipes come about.

Peanut brittle is made from caramelized sugar or corn syrup and nuts.  Pulling the brittle, like taffy, will make it thinner.  Does it also make it stick to your teeth less?


NATIONAL GREEN JUICE DAY – when I was writing word green juice I was picturing my mom’s face if I showed her one of these concotions.  She would have been looking confused and saying something like “Why don’t people just eat their vegetables?”.  Green Juice Day appears in the calendar around the time that people begin to loosen up on  their New Year’s resolutions.  Green Juice makes it easier to quickly meet those daily veggie goals.  What veggies do you like in your green juice?  If you have a favourite recipe, please share!









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