January 25th

Today is:

NATIONAL IRISH COFFEE DAY – this is a day I can appreciate, especially in the middle of a Canadian winter.   It is reported that Irish Coffee made its way to North America in the 1950s by way of Shannon Airport in Ireland.  Here is the recipe:

Take a warm glass or mug, add 2/3 full of coffee, stir in a heaping teaspoon of sugar and add an ounce of Irish Whiskey.  Now comes the best part:  add cream (preferably non whipped whipping cream) by pouring over the top of a spoon so that it settles on top.  Yum!


NATIONAL OPPOSITE DAY – you know that annoying game that kids play when they proclaim that everything you say is actually the opposite?  For example:

You:  Its time for bed, kids.

Them: Yay, its Opposite Day so we get to stay up all night!

You: No, I am serious.  Its time for bed.

Them:  Yay! She’s kidding!  We get to stay up all night!

Well, now you get to play that game … with everyone you meet.  This could get you into serious trouble.  I’d like reports, please, on how it all worked out.


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