January 24th

Today Is:

NATIONAL BEER CAN APPRECIATION DAY – the first beer can was produced just prior to the end of Prohibition.  It weighed a hefty 4 oz and used a church key for opening.  Beer cans have come a long way!  They are so light we can easily crush them on our forehead like John Belushi in Animal House.  Appreciate a beer can or two today …. right to the very bottom!

NATIONAL COMPLIMENT DAY – although the value of a sincere compliment cannot be quantitatively measured, we all know that there are positive benefits. Two kinds of compliments are character compliments and physical compliments.  The first one comments on something the person embodies (kind, talented) and the second one is more extrinsic (new haircut, outfit).

Compliments that are given as a gift to make another person feel better are a wonderful way to spread a little joy.  Think of it as karma dollars on the move.

Equally as important to giving a compliment is the receiving of a compliment.  If someone compliments your outfit, telling them that you look fat in said outfit actually decreases karma dollars and sends negative energy back to the giver.  Accept gracefully and let those negative thoughts go.


NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER DAY – after the excitement of National Popcorn Day, I am ready to ramp it back up with this treat!  I LOVE Peanut Butter and enjoy a spoonful most nights before bed.  Clearly, I do not have any allergies in my household.  Much of my Christmas baking employs peanut butter and I always have a craving for it after I eat popcorn.  Weird.

My favourite use of Peanut Butter outside the norm involves dogs.  One of my girlfriends needed to pill her dogs every morning.  She would put the pills inside a blob of peanut butter, stick it to the front of her kitchen cupboard, dogs would lick the medicated peanut butter off the door and she would wash the door.  Done!  Now if only my cat would do that …..



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