Origami Treats



Why do presents often seem to come with a hefty price tag for the buyer?  Also, the cost seems to go up every year as children age.  Gift buying can be very expensive if you have several children and a spouse who is so difficult to shop for that you can only buy him really expensive things like power tools or computers.  Did that sound bitter?

A few years ago, my family decided to humour me by agreeing to my homemade Christmas gift challenge.  In short, each family member was to make a gift for one another.  It could be as simple or as complex as they wanted.  Of course, my husband and I did help any of the girls who asked but the results were amazing.  I loved the look of amazement on the girls’ faces when they opened their presents.  I can still remember exactly what they gave each other.  Believe me, that cannot be said about any other Christmas time.

I had a lot of fun making the Origami boxes and getting very creative with the instructions.  Each girl received a different set of instructions.  How  can you go wrong in a craft as simple as this one?!  Check it out!




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